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Amazing Pastors

Pastor Dave Scarlett
From His Glory!


“I fell off a ladder and opened up my leg. I put on a patch and the pain went right away”

Pastor Sheila Craft
From Elevate Life!


“I couldn’t walk and I put it (Pain Relief Product) in my pocket. And I stood up and I COULD WALK. I couldn’t believe it. I was in a wheelchair.”

How A Near Death Car Accident Led One Woman To Discover A

Mysterious Patch That Erases Pain Like It Never Existed And Starts Faster Than You Can Say "Are You Serious?"

Pastors, Doctors, Grandparents, and Parents, and 5,373 others are experiencing the scientifically proven “Quantum Effect'' that this patch provides. After a horrific car accident and years of dealing with debilitating pain, Marilyn finally discovered these patches and is forever thankful! She was able to put her addictive Big Pharma medications, her CBD, and her expensive creams IN THE TRASH!

Marilyn and hundreds of others are now living pain free through this new approach!! This revolutionary solution leveraging God’s Words using multiple senses (touch, site, speech, hearing, etc.).

But how do we get the “touch” sense activated with God’s word?

That is the beauty of this new technology!!

It encodes God’s Word onto patches/cards using Quantum frequencies that interact with your body’s energy system.

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With over 40 Bible verses and specific intentions that specifically address pain, Marilyn found this solution life transforming!

Marilyn had given up on ever having a normal life again.

Her bouts with cancer and then car wreck that crushed her body, left her hopeless.

She had tried every type of solution but nothing worked that would keep her conscious.

Her chronic pain was so debilitating…

she could not take care of her house, her dog, Curley or

even herself

In tears, she finally agreed to go into assisted living.

Marilyn happened to be learning the truth about the world from a Video Podcaster that was a Christian.

On one show, they discussed an approach to relieve pain that leveraged God’s Word.

Since Marilyn trusted the Video Podcaster and knew the power of God’s word she decided to give them a try.

She had never heard of an approach where God’s word could actually touch your body’s energy system, so she purchased some Pain Relief Patches.


When she received the patches and placed them on her body she was shocked.

Within minutes she felt some relief….

Within an hour she was vacuuming the house!

ripped 4

That night she took Curley out on a walk for the first time in months!

She slept better that night than she had in years.

She woke up the next morning and she was in tears….

But this time because she knew she could get her life back.

Marilyn upgraded to the cards that last a full year, but she still uses a combination of the cards and patches to relieve her pain on a continuous basis.

She is not in assisted living, takes care of her house herself and she and Fredo enjoy multiple walks everyday.

No more paying for help around the house!

No more paying for expensive Big Pharma medicine!

Now this solution has been enhanced with a Weekly Prayer Guide!

This guide includes the specific scriptures and intentions that are encoded on the card to relieve pain!

As you spend only a few minutes a day reading the Scriptures and Intentions out loud you engage other senses.

You speak God’s specific words and intentions on Pain Relief, such as:

Psalm 147:3: “He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.” and intentions like:

Thank you, Father, for knowing I need you and coming to rescue and deliver me from this pain.

You also see God’s Word as you read.

You also hear God’s Word and intentions as you speak out loud!

By combining the life transforming touch of the Quantum Energy patches/cards with….

the speaking, seeing and hearing of God’s Word and Pain Relief intentions…..

You have used a multisensory way to engage with God’s words!

ripped 4

The results for Marilyn and hundreds of others is undeniable:

See Marilyn and other testimonies here

Do you believe in the power of God’s Word?

Do you agree that using multiple senses is a logical way God could help you with your pain?

Don’t delay!

Get your Multisensory

Pain Relief

Solution today!

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Secure your own Quantum Energy pain patches and/or cards…
Including the Weekly Prayer Guide of scriptures and intentions…

Stop living with pain.

Stop depending on Big Pharma or solutions that often have many side effects.

Use the natural power of God’s Words and your multiple senses to relieve your pain now.

Rigorous Lab Tests Prove The “Quantum Effect” Worked Within 5 Seconds!

Scientists used Electroencephalogram (EEG) tests that detect electrical activity in the brain before and after the Quantum Effect was activated. They were to see that the quantum effect brought incoherent brain waves into coherence. The scientists could also see evidence of significant pain relief at unheard-of speeds… speeds that they never thought were possible!

Study’s Conclusion:

These results were approved by Dr. Twyla Wilson who was the Author, Study Researcher and Developer. She worked with a distinguished major US Ivy League research institute who helped review the study and analyze the results.

I wanted to get my hands on more of this stuff, but this isn’t something you can find at the grocery store…
The Quantum Effect is only made by a small company in Plano, Texas.

Introducing The Secret Of The Quantum Effect!

Quantum Energy Pain Skin Patches!

Now you can experience the world’s first and only quantum health, energy, and well-being restoration.

SAVES MONEY – You do not have to sink thousands of dollars a month to get your life back

HEALTH/ADDICTION FREE - I was able to use an all-natural, non-invasive treatment

IMPROVES LIFESTYLE - You can get out of the house, walk your dog, play with your grandkids

SAVES TIME - Your time is…your time. You are independent and can be able to move and experience as you please.

BUNDLE SAVINGS AVAILABLE - People are buying in bulk and loving the savings while supplies last… which may not be long!

What would you expect to pay for the cost of relief?

Prescriptions cost hundreds of dollars a month, physical therapy costs thousands, and even natural treatments cost an arm and a leg.

Can you put a price on your freedom? How about precious time with your loved ones? How much are the little moments in life worth to you?

For less than $1.97 a day, you won’t ever have to miss out on playing with your grandkids, or walking your dog.



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What Happens After I Order?

As soon as you tap the order button, you’ll be brought to our secure checkout page where you can choose which package fits your needs best.

Once your order is placed, your products will be packaged up and shipped out within 24 hours.

When you receive your package, simply place a Quantum Energy Pain Skin Patch anywhere on your body.

The patch will interact with your body and the frequencies around you.

You’ll notice a difference within seconds.

Your pain will completely subside in a couple of hours

Within a few days, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!

When It Comes to Pain Relief…
There’s No Comparison

QE Pain Relief Skin Patches

Other Pain Products
No side effects due to no consumption or skin absorption Riddled with unwanted and dangerous side effects
No risk of absorbing THC or other substances! Risk of absorbing harmful chemicals
Healthy frequencies improve your body’s energy field! Only temporarily hides symptoms instead of fixing the problem
No oral consumption, so no stomach irritation! Can cause stomach or liver problems
No further action is needed after you apply it! Complicated and uncomfortable daily routine
No dosages to monitor or track! Almost impossible to keep track of doses
Never has drug interactions! Can complicate your current medication
Starts working within 5 Seconds Takes up to an hour to start working and wears off within hours
Uses the latest quantum technology! Uses technology that keeps big pharma profitable
100% satisfaction guaranteed Problems outweigh the benefits

What are you waiting for?
Experience the Quantum Effect Today!

  • Breakthrough Pain Management
  • Zero Side Effects Or Addictive Chemicals
  • Enhances Energy & Provides Pain-Free Sleep
  • Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back!


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What Will You Choose?

Right now, you have two options…
You can continue living your life the way you have been.
Your pain will still be there, hiding behind your medications or other remedies.
The happy moments in your life will be tainted with consistent pain…


You place an order right now and flip the Quantum Effect…
So you can eliminate your pain at the source…
And continue to play with your grandkids…
And spend time in the sunshine…
And feel blessed to be alive for each little moment instead of feeling like you’re cursed with the burden of constant pain.


Don’t just take Marilyn’s word for it. Join the thousands who have treated chronic pain and discomfort with Quantum Energy!


I have used these patches for a week now, and I can sleep at night without having to take anything for pain. I haven't been able to do that in over 10 years.
- Sharon Long

Takes Away the Pain

They work great in reducing my wife's pain in her lower back.
- Douglas Bohrtz

Love them

I slept like a log for the last 3 days since I've been using them!! I will be ordering more.
- Karen Gillin

They really work!

I was not expecting much, but I tried anyway. I was very surprised after putting on a patch. 2 days later, I noticed the pain returned. I checked the patch, and it had fallen off. Replace it, and the pain subsided. I’m getting the card next.

Muscle Pain Gone!

I do Microblading for long periods, and some days it causes my shoulders to burn with pain. I tried these patches over the area that was hurting, and within 30 mins pain was gone, and it didn’t return!
- Dondee Nations


"So far experience is great. Trim and fit....did not think about eating AT ALL while at work. Pain patches.....not immediate relief but the pain is better. My daughter loves the clarity and focus....says she studied for 2 hrs and was the most focused ever ( had forgotten she had it on)
Will buy more!!"

- Susan Miller


I have problems with my hips shifting out of wack and bulges at T 3-4 and T 4-5 giving me pain down the but/hip down to my knee. When I get that pain in bed I can not sleep. One night I had that pain so I got up and put a patch down at the base of my back/tail bone and the pain went away. I think with these patches and going to the chiropractor I am getting better results than I was getting before the patches. Pretty amazing.

- Gary Freas

Quantum Patch review

I have a pulled groin muscle and was amazed how the patch helped with that pain. I wasn't limping around any more and felt overall good. The con is the glue that is used on the patch to stick to your skin doesn't work well, I have to put sports tape over it to hold in place. The other con is I wanted to order more than 10 sheets of 6 patches but your website doesn't allow me to order 20 sheets. I belong to a Veteran group and I want to hand out the patches to all our members because we are all banged up one way or another and I have to place 2 orders to get 20 sheets of 6 patches. Overall, The product is amazing and I am handing them out to everyone.

- Tanzy Artruc


I have used these patches for a week now, and I can sleep at night without having to take anything for pain. I haven't been able to do that in over 10 year's.

- Sharon Long

It works

I applied the patch on the area of my pain. Within a few hours the pain was reduced by 90%. The next few days I did not use any pain medication or CBD oil or pain relief cream. The injury is not healed but the pain is very manageable.

- Sam Campagna

Awesome results

This patch has definitely help my wife , sister-in-law and friends including myself I shared this product with family and friends and the results were amazing from better sleep reduced pain and enhanced energy Praise God!!!

- Robert Munoz

Takes Away the Pain

They work great in reducing my wife's pain in her lower back.

- Douglas Bohrtz

They really work!

Was not expecting much but tried. Was very surprised after I put on a patch. 2 days later I noticed the pain returned. Checked the patch and it had fallen off. Replace it and the Pain subsided.


Pain Patch

"I have been using the pain patch for about a week and I am very pleased with the results. I have bursitis in both hips, and sciatica.
They are working so well that I haven't had t take anything else for pain.
Thank you for this amazing product!"

- Sherri Collins

Love them

I slept like a log for the last 3 days since I've been using them!! I will be ordering more.

- Karen Gillin

Seems to work

First day not too much, I placed a patch on my right knee are, and back on my neck. I waddled to walk from knee pain. I slept with the patches on and second day, I could actually walk normal. After my shower I replaced the patches, will keep in place until showering tomorrow night and see how things go. To walk and not waddle, that is huge!

- Pamela Krause

Quantum Patches/cards

This is the miracle I've been waiting for! In December of 2016 I had major surgery on my back. When I would see my primary dr regarding the pain the respone was you have arthritis or do you want a RX for pain medication. I personally can't tolerate oxycodone so I took acetaminophen. The patches are incredible and the card keeps the pain away. God answered my prayers and I am so thankful for that. God Bless you all.

- Karen Mattice

It really works

It's been awesome! I bought pain and clarity patches and 3 pain cards. So far my pain in my back which I've had for over 15 years is finally relieved. I gave a pain card to a family member whom the next day said "where did you get this, it's working". My wife has had amazing results with her headaches and shoulder pain. Thank you so much for the help.

- William Marcoux


I woke up one morning with a pain in my right hip. I put the card in my back pocket. No more pain. I have not tried patch yet.

- Marlene Ryder


Wow! They work! My back and neck pain went away. I found myself singing Christian songs in my head on repeat several times! The Bible versus embedded in the patches must be seeping in too! He he. Thank you Jesus!

- Tammy Bond-Campbell


They worked within 30 minutes. The only disappointment is they don't stay on! I sweat a lot and take a shower each day. They don't stay on. That makes them REALLY expensive not just expensive.

- Cheri Morrow


I was amazed on how well it worked. I would definitely buy them again!

- Heather Wilcox

Pain patches and pain free

They are absolutely wonderful. I had twisted my knee two days before I received the patches. As soon as I received them I put one on my knee within minutes the pain was almost gone. I did have to put tape over it because it came loose. I had it for 3 days. I also bought the cards and started caring it. I have a card to my Son that has mild cerebral palsy but didn't take it out of sleeve. I found it works better next to my skin. Then my son was having severe spasms in his knee. I put a patch on the spot and in 20 minutes he was pain free. Love them,thank you so much.Martha Snyder

- Martha Snyder

Pain and spasm reduction

I've been using the pain patch to manage knee pain. I was not giving the effectiveness any thought until 2 nights ago. I went to bed and began experiencing spasms in my affected leg. I had no patch on at the time. I put on a patch and the spasms immediately stopped. I will continue to use the patch.

- Sheila Kvilvang

Best method for pain relief

"First I tried the patches they worked great.
Have you been giving him too many friends who also got excellent results.
Results are everything, I'd much rather put something like a little patch on my skin and take some over-the-counter medicine.
It's almost as if the pain was never even there because it just disappears."

- Jackie Traverson

Pain patches

Very good results! Most family members have RA or degenerative disk disease. We all feel like a new person, without all the pain .

- Debra Webb

They work!

Easy to use, worked.

- Lauren Hanson

I think they're effective

- Roxie Rose

Muscle Pain Gone

I do Microblading for long periods of time and some days it causes my shoulders to burn with pain. Â I tried these patches over the area that was hurting and within 30 mins pain was gone and it didn't return!

- Dondee Nations

Pain in right shoulder

I have had severe pain in my right shoulder these patches really work I feel the pain is not there I went for 2 days without the patches and I felt my arm in pain again I truly believe and have faith in these patches thank you so much I have now purchased and am waiting on the card they really work thank you in the name of Jesus Christ

- Blanche Dennis

Pain patches

They work well for my back pain

- Marianne Findley

Quantum pain patches

Great! Sending some of the patches out in the mail this week so friends can try them.

- Dianr Grindheim

temporary love of product

used it today for neck pain and HA - went away within 60 min

- mary morton

Phone number?

Great it works very well. I am trying to get your phone number to place an order. Please advise.

- Don Doussan

Enjoying the beginning benefits of the pain patches!

I, as many people do have chronic pain in my lower back. I have had difficulty sleeping for years no matter the bed. I not have no pain in that area and sleep very well every night, due to not having that pain since I started using the pain patches, i have given them to a friend and she is experiencing relief in her situation as well.

- Paula Holt

GREAT little patches!

I'll be honest that I was skeptical of these pain patches being effective. I was basically buying them to help out this company that I believe in so strongly. Well, I was in for a surprise. They ARE effective at relieving pain! I first tried them when I was getting a ‘back of the neck' muscle tension headache. Because I know what kind of pain that can lead to if left unchecked, I put one patch on each side of the back of my neck (on the muscles) and much to my amazement, the pain was gone in five minutes! Thinking this might have just been a placebo-type of pain relief, I used just one patch the next time I was getting a headache, and VOILA!...headache disappeared! I am very pleased with their effectiveness. The only suggestion I would make for any improvements is to make them just a little bit more ‘stickier.' You cannot have ANY trace of oil or lotion, etc., on the area in which you are placing them. And they will not survive a bath or shower. Other than that, these little patches are amazingly effective...that has been the case every time I have used them!

- Lisa Gilmartin

Life changing!

"I really put this to the test, have had grandchildren and assorted family visiting for past 2 weeks. I have been at a much more hectic and demanding schedule, lifting babies, helping with homeschool, outdoor outings, long drives etc. I am normally very active, skied 43 days this winter but this was even more demand on my body. I put a card on wherever I hurt, usually my back, and it works. Also put one under my back when I sleep, all I do is sleep through the night. Thank you
Rick and team, you've made this 67 year old grandma not have to say I quit!! Blessings to the team!"

- Nancy Seager

Pain diminished

I have been using the patches for about 15 days and can tell a notable difference in the pain in my neck and shoulder. I will definitely be ordering more.

- Meleah Rubio

Energy Pain Cards

It has help my pain & reduced it to just some Soreness. I shared some with family & friends to try & see what they think also. I've only heard Positive feedback so far.

- Susann Rinehardt


I bought the patches for pain for a dear friend of mine-bad back pain. He hasn't said anything yet, however, I used after working in my yard and aches went away. Mind over matter? Whatever-they work! Ordering more today!


Pain away

I have bursitis in my hip. The patches worked so well that I bought the cards.


Pain patch

"The pain patch seems to have helped with my lower back pain.
I'm waiting for my pain card to arrive so I'm pretty excited."

- Anita Sundholm

Quantum Card

The Quantum card definitely worked on relieving my pain. I was on my way to the store when it arrived by mail. I put it in my pocket and by the time I got to the end of my block the pain in my leg was gone.

- Gina Geer


The patches are absolutely wonderful. I have a severe curvature of my lower spine. When i stand for long periods of time, it aches terribly and i need to take pain killers. With these patches, i haven't experienced any pain for weeks now. I love them!

- Laurie Zapf

Really pleased

I keep the pain card in my back pocket, and am noticing much less knee pain as well as general aches and pains. the patches I use if something comes up, and I stuck one on my forehead for a headache from lack of caffeine and it gradually went away and was totally gone within an hour. I am extremely happy with the patches and my card. I am extremely grateful!

- Tracy Hale

Actions speak louder than words

Initially I purchased a 3 pack of QE patches for pain to see if they work. Then I re-ordered a 10 pack plus a QE card. Need I say more than "it works".

- Kevin Flynn

Quantum Energy patches

The pain patches work! I wish they didn't wash off so easily in the shower. I've used all of mine up.

- Yvonne Scott

Pain patch

Great thanks God bless everyone

- Mary McCoy

Pain patches

The first order was lost in the mail, however your team was quick to replace them. That was awesome! As for my experience with the pain patch they didn't work for me but I have a very unique situation. However I did put one on a friend of mine and he said within 10 minutes he felt better. So they may not be for everyone but they do work. Thank you again for your prompt attention on the bus package

- Sharon Lairscey

Text message

I was very impressed with the pain patchs

- Nancy Kirtley

Works on my back pain.

I got the patches and card. The patches do work, but I was thinking the card was not working as I thought it should for my back pain; until I started making sure I always have it in my pocket. It does relieve my back pain. I am pleased.

- Judy Yalcin

Does this thing work?

I like my patches. How do I add a video?

- Rob1 Test1

interesting product

Still in testing mode. It seemed to soften pains in my back so that I walked upright and fluidly. My overworked wrists are more comfortable and swelling has subsided. I am 78 years old so anything positive is very welcome. When are the next olympics???


Fantastic product!

This is a product given to us from God. It's amazing how quickly they work to relax the body from tension and pain. I ordered 11 Pain Cards for my family and friends to. Thank you so much for Patriotic Strong. Can't wait to see what other Quantum Cards are coming out next.

- Kemp Yelland

Wow!!! Really works fast!

Whenever I get a pain I just remember I have the patches and the card, then the pain goes away!

- Linda Joy

Quantum Energy Patches

"I used the patch for my knee pain.
The pain was bad when I went up and down stairs. It took two days but my knee started feeling a lot better! It could have been a combination of the patch and the ice pack I used.
The knee pain came back again but it was not bad. Put a patch on it and it got better. I used tape to keep the patch in place when showering.
I highly recommend that others try this patch!!"

- Cathy Elton


So far so good. At 69 my yard work is less difficult and I'm sleeping better.

- Gary Schweighardt


"Great experience! After a few days I noticed the pain in my back and legs went away.
So thankful for these patches. Thank you so much and Praise the Lord!"

- Debbie LANDRY

Unbelievable! It works!

I had a temporary crown that had so much nerve pain while I was waiting for a permanent crown that I tried every over the counter drug. Nothing touched that pain so I purchased the Quantum Energy Patches. Not only did that take off the pain completely, I took one to the dentist office when he put in the permanent crown. The dentist was amazed that it worked as well!

- Dianne Houghtaling

Finally, pain relief

Pain from arthritis subdued. Continued use appears to be lessening pain slowly.

- Victoria Shields

Review of the Quantum Pain Card

I absolutely Love the Pain Card. It works very well for multiple areas of my back especially, and for almost all other painful areas, such as my knee. It's been a slower process with one hand. I haven't even opened the patches at all, as I had hoped my family would show interest in trying them. Thank you.

- Gayle Raulston

Pain Patches

Pain free and loving it.

- Jennifer Smith

Now a believer

Loved the results! Gave it to my daughter who is a nonbeliever ,and guess what, she believes now

- Cheryl Donisi

Pain Patch

Amazing product! I have been able to fall asleep and wake up in the morning without pain waking me up!

- Pamela Friesen

Flip the Quantum Pain switch and
live the life you deserve right now!


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Frequently Asked Questions

First, the Quantum Energy Pain Skin Patch needs to be placed on your skin, either on the pain source or anywhere else. The rest boils down to waiting about five seconds and feeling the pain exit the body with every passing second.

With consistent application, the Quantum Energy Pain Skin Patch has the potential to immediately:

Soothe aches and pains
Enhance energy levels
Promote restful sleep
Permit feelings of independence

Ensure a balance among all energy systems

Our team at QE Strong aims to ship all orders within 1 to 3 business days after receiving them. Though an additional 5 to 7 business days is usually the standard, some locations are experiencing delays, especially internationally.

Your order is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Simply reach out to us and request your full refund at: [email protected] or by calling 972-945-1126.